Neumann, Wolfgang / Schaepe, Ralf:
(Translated by Rund um Buch & Skript)
Münster. A City Guide. 2. edition
Münster: Solibro-Verlag, 2009 [1998]
[Quo Vadis? Stadt- und Reiseführer. Bd. 3]
ISBN 978-3932927-10-2, Br, 20,5 x 13,0 / 192 p., 92 farb., 51 einfarb. Abb., Stadtplan, Münsterlandkarte, Busliniennetzplan,
Preis: 12,90 Euro / 22,90 CHF
Warengruppe: 2311

z.Z. vergriffen, 2. Auflage in Vorbereitung
(comes out about summer 2009)

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At long last, there is a city guide in English for Münster! In addition to the successful German city guide for Münster (now in its 5th ed.) there is now also a large and carefully translated English edition to meet the growing demand.

The City Guide offers a possibility to get to know or maybe to rediscover Münster in a comprehensive yet entertaining way.
On roughly 200 pages the City Guide takes the readers on various informative strolls through the city, points out the most interesting and most beautiful aspects of Münster and offers a lot of valuable background information about the Westphalian metropolis in the various chapters. The City Guide not only contains an abundance of illustrations (92 coloured and 51 black-and-white) but also a folded map of the town, a map of the Münsterland and even the latest map of bus routes.

Following the introductory chapter about Münster today and the various walks to the sights, the reader can find out more about the varied history of Münster. The chapters on history are by no means dry and boring but make interesting reading describing, for example, the terror of the Anabaptists'' reign. Next, there is a chapter about the divers aspects of contemporary culture, and the reader can also find quite a number of helpful tips, such as where to find the popular meeting places in Münster like "Pinkus Müller" or "Cavete" ...

But, before ending the day in one of the local pubs or restaurants, the reader will certainly want to go and explore Münster and perhaps also the surrounding area. A few tips for an interesting day trip (maybe by bike) or the description of the many leisure-time activities might certainly prove helpful. Then, the reader will meet some of the illustrious sons and daughters of the town; legends of the Münsterland follow, and the reader will even be introduced to Westphalian cooking, which might entice him or her to try out the typical recipes at home.
Finally, the chapter "Münster at a Glance" provides maps of the city and the surrounding area as a means of instant orientation. Even those in a hurry will be satisfied with the informative lists and descriptions of the sights, museums, churches, moated castles, public and religious holidays and pieces of sculpture.

But where can the reader get a ride in a hot-air balloon? Rent a bicycle? And where will he or she find a pub or restaurant that serves his or her favourite food? Well, the City Guide is nicely rounded off with a comprehensive and detailed section providing useful and up-to-date information not only for the tourist but also for the curious citizen of Münster, who is - for example - on the lookout for new gastronomic discoveries.

In the section "Sought & Found: Münster from A - Z" visitors and people from Münster alike can find important information, no matter whether they are looking for public mothers'' and babies'' rooms, contacts for unusual leisure-time activities or home-pages on the Internet, where they can get further information about Münster.
Whether the reader is looking for entertaining reading or a special piece of information, both can be found with the help of the index, which consists of more than 340 entries.

A special feature of the English edition of the City Guide, which was translated by Rund um Buch & Skript (Everswinkel) is the General Tourist Information for Germany, which enables foreign tourists to inform themselves while still at home about Germany in general. Bits and pieces of information, such as air distances, customs and visa regulations, a short (tongue-in-cheek) characterization of the Germans and even conversion tables for sizes and measures, in addition to a small collection of useful phrases, help the reader to fam-iliarize himself (or herself) with some important aspects before arriving in Münster. (Thus, people travelling "only" to Münster no longer have to buy one of the general guide-books to Germany ...)

Anyway, a recommendable book, which forms a pleasant contrast to other guide- books, not least because of the refreshing style in which it is presented. At 12,90 Euro it is certainly a bargain if one thinks of the lavish, mostly coloured illustrations. In short, a guide-book that presents a detailed and entertaining view of Münster for English-speaking visitors and citizens alike.


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'Münster. A City Guide', the latest pathfinder through the Westphalian capital, looks certain to become a best seller. Leading the way, it is handy, amusing, full of outstanding photos and affordable for all."

(Münstersche Zeitung 17/10/92 about the german edition)"

"Nun sind ''strolling through Münster'' (Spaziergänge durch Münster) auch für die Angelsachsen ohne Sprachprobleme ein Genuß. Denn mit ''Münster - A city Guide'' ist eine gähnende Lücke (...) geschlossen. (...)"

(Münstersche Zeitung 23.5.99)